The coach of Bangladesh is proud of his students even after losing

The coach of Bangladesh is proud of his students even after losing
The coach of Bangladesh is proud of his students even after losing

Sure, Bangladesh's goal was to reach the semi-finals. Javier Cabrera's men had a lot of hope after starting with a loss against Lebanon in the first match and fulfilling that dream by playing great football. Coach Javier Cabrera expressed his satisfaction with the game of Bangladesh, despite playing great fighting football against Qatar and not reaching the final after losing in extra time. He feels that the team has consistently played good football.

Bangladesh team's performance before Safe Asha was not as good as expected. The group was also relatively tougher than the previous few seasons. In that, many did not expect that the team that has not stepped on the door of the semi-finals since 14 years will leave the Maldives and reach the semi-finals. Cabrera's team played good football despite losing against Lebanon.

Despite the lack of reliable strikers in the team, the Red Green team scored three goals each against Maldives and Bhutan. The match between Mursalin and Rakib was very promising. Cabrera is proud of the team.

In the press conference after the match against Kuwait, the Spanish coach praised the students, 'Even though we lost in the semi-final, the performance of the team was excellent. The consistent football played by the boys in this tournament must be commended. This consistency should be maintained. I am proud of the boys. They gave their best. We had a chance to score. But I could not use it.'

Kuwait is 51 steps ahead of Bangladesh. Zico-Tarik Kazira kept that team scoreless for 106 minutes. Even if Morsalin had not missed an easy chance in the second minute, the result of the match could have been different. In the second half, Rakib's shot bounced off the goal post. The coach of Bangladesh is proud of the team even at such a rate.

"Today we played probably the best team in the tournament," Cabrera said in a regretful voice. They were at the top of the group. Maybe we couldn't reach the final after losing them, I would have been more happy if we could have made it.'

The place of regret for the players, however, is different. They are unhappy with the referral. Tapu Burman alleged that the Indian referee called an unreasonable foul against Bangladesh and did not catch a fair foul. On this day, the referee showed two red cards in the dugout of Bangladesh. Physio David Magan and manager Amer Khan saw these two red cards, besides the yellow card was seen by the team's assistant coach Hasan Al Mamun.

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