Shubman Gill Biography and Cricket Career Summary

 Shubman Gill: India's Rising Cricket Sensation

Shubman Gill, hailing from Firozpur, Punjab, is the latest addition to India's long line of prodigious batting talents. Born on September 8, 1999, Gill has quickly risen to prominence with his exceptional skills and remarkable performances on the cricket field.

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Shubman Gill first grabbed the attention of cricket enthusiasts during the 2018 ICC U19 World Cup, where he made a significant impact with his brilliant batting. His impressive tally of 418 runs at an astounding average of 104.50 in the tournament firmly established him as a rising star.

Batting Career Summary

Shubman Gill's batting career boasts impressive statistics across different formats:

Test Matches: 

  • Matches: 16 

  • Innings: 30 

  • Not Outs: 2 

  • Runs: 921 

  • Highest Score: 128 

  • Average: 32.89 

  • Balls Faced: 1578 

  • Strike Rate: 58.37 

  • Centuries: 2 Double 

  • Centuries: 0 

  • Half-centuries: 4 

  • Boundaries: 108 (4s), 13 (6s)

One Day Internationals (ODIs): 

  • Matches: 24 

  • Innings: 24 

  • Not Outs: 4 

  • Runs: 1311 

  • Highest Score: 208 

  • Average: 65.55 

  • Balls Faced: 1224 

  • Strike Rate: 107.11 

  • Centuries: 4 

  • Double Centuries: 1 

  • Half-centuries: 5 

  • Boundaries: 149 (4s), 28 (6s)

Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is): 

  • Matches: 6 

  • Innings: 6 

  • Not Outs: 1 

  • Runs: 202 

  • Highest Score: 126 

  • Average: 40.4 

  • Balls Faced: 122 

  • Strike Rate: 165.57 

  • Centuries: 1 

  • Double Centuries: 0 

  • Half-centuries: 0 

  • Boundaries: 19 (4s), 10 (6s)

Indian Premier League (IPL): 

  • Matches: 91 

  • Innings: 88 

  • Not Outs: 14 

  • Runs: 2790 

  • Highest Score: 129 

  • Average: 37.7 

  • Balls Faced: 2081 

  • Strike Rate: 134.07 

  • Centuries: 3 

  • Double Centuries: 0 

  • Half-centuries: 18 

  • Boundaries: 273 (4s), 80 (6s)

Shubman Gill's batting prowess, evident from his consistent performances and remarkable shot selection, showcases his immense potential and ability to excel in all formats of the game.

Bowling Career Summary

While Shubman Gill's primary strength lies in his batting, his bowling contributions are yet to be seen at the international level. However, he has shown promise as a right-arm offbreak bowler, albeit in limited opportunities.

Career Highlights

Shubman Gill made his Test debut against Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on December 26, 2020. He has since made his mark with notable performances, including his highest Test score of 128. In the ODI arena, Gill debuted against New Zealand at Seddon Park on January 31, 2019, and has already achieved remarkable milestones, including a double century.

Beyond Cricket

Apart from his cricketing achievements, Shubman Gill is admired for his calm and composed demeanor both on and off the field. His strong work ethic, dedication, and humility have earned him respect from fans and fellow cricketers alike. Gill's unwavering focus and hunger for success make him a promising prospect for Indian cricket's future.


Shubman Gill's rapid rise in the cricketing world is a testament to his immense talent and passion for the game. With his elegant stroke play, impeccable technique, and ability to perform under pressure, he has captured the imagination of cricket enthusiasts worldwide. As he continues to grow and evolve as a cricketer, Shubman Gill undoubtedly holds the potential to become one of the finest batsmen India has ever produced. His contributions to the game and his team's success will be cherished for years to come.

I hope you find this biography of Shubman Gill informative and engaging!

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