Argentina match schedule for 2026 world cup

Argentina match schedule for 2026 world cup

Qatar World Cup is over. Now the fight to get a place in the 2026 United States World Cup begins. For the first time in history, the fight for a place in this World Cup, which will begin in a new format, will begin from next September in Latin America.

CONMEBOL, the biggest governing body in Latin America, has released the schedule of matches for the qualifying round. This qualifying round of 10 teams will start from September this year.

However, this time there is some difference. Since 48 teams will participate in the next World Cup, 6 teams from Latin will directly qualify for the World Cup this time. The seventh-placed team will qualify for the playoffs.

The two most popular Latin nations are Brazil and Argentina. The match between these two teams is at the center of everyone's interest. The Albiceleste will begin their journey to the World Cup qualifiers in the United States, Canada and Mexico with a match against Ecuador on September 7 at 2 pm Bangladesh time. The much awaited Brazil-Argentina Super Clasico match will be held on November 19 at 3 pm Bangladesh time.

Argentina match schedule for 2026 world cup

Argentina match schedule

Thursday (7 September 2023) Argentina vs Ecuador, Bangladesh time 2 pm.

Sunday (10 September 2023) Argentina vs Bolivia, Bangladesh time 2 pm.

Thursday (12 October 2023) Argentina vs Paraguay, Bangladesh 2 pm time.

Sunday (15 October 2023) Argentina vs Peru, Bangladesh time 2 pm.

Thursday (16 November 2023) Argentina vs Uruguay, Bangladesh time 3 pm.

Sunday (19 November 2023) Argentina vs Brazil, Bangladesh time 3 pm.

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