Messi wants to return to Barcelona

Lionel Messi left Barcelona at the start of last season after more than two decades at Barcelona. However, he had to leave the Spanish club against his will. After falling into the financial structure of La Liga, he switched teams and joined the French club PSG. But is Messi very happy in the new club? At least his stats last season don't say anything like that. Does the Argentine captain want to return to Barcelona?

This is being discussed regularly. There is no end to the fans' interest in whether Messi will be seen again in Barcelona. Former Barcelona star Lobo Carrasco claimed that Messi will return to Barcelona next season. Speaking to the Spanish media El Chiringito, the former forward said, "Messi wants to return to Barcelona, but it hasn't happened yet." Some things are lacking. Between now and January, we will know whether Messi can return or not.

Barcelona coach Java Hernandez, however, has repeatedly expressed his desire to bring Messi back. According to Spanish media reports, Xavi demanded the return of Messi to the directors starting from the president of Barcelona. Laporta also hinted that Messi could return. "I don't believe that Messi's chapter in Barcelona is over," Messi said earlier. And I believe that chapter is still open, it is not closed and it is our responsibility to make sure that it is. There is time to do it. How to do it, there might be a far more glorious end here than there was.'

There is also family pressure. The situation of Messi's family is also difficult to adapt to going to Paris. Messi's wife Antonella Ruccuzzo and children are said to have not yet adapted to the Paris weather. And Messi's wife also wants to return to Barcelona because of friends who left their children.

However, Messi's contract with PSG runs until 2023. There is an opportunity to extend that period by one more year. And PSG wants to implement it now. The club wanted at the beginning of this season. However, the Argentinian captain has stopped this discussion for now. He will announce his decision after the World Cup.

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